"Quantum Molecular Activity Predictor"

Spektron Systems was founded in 2014 by CEO Ted Moskal and President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Wolf. Its proprietary Q-MAP™ drug discovery platform and resulting process are the culmination of nearly two decades of Research and Development. The ‘platform’ technology broadly applies to the design of Small Molecule type drugs. Q-MAP™ extends beyond software tools to a philosophical approach that looks at drug discovery in an entirely revolutionary way.

Unlike other approaches, Q-MAP™ associates biological effect to chemical attributes through a ‘Top Down’ methodology. This approach enables the assessment of systemic endpoints in addition to the specific biochemical pathway and/or receptor binding profiles within the pathway. Q-MAP™ avails the selection and identification of molecules to select for synthesis and in vivo/ in vitro testing.

Q-MAP™ increases drug discovery speed while decreasing cost through a reduction in the number of compounds synthesized and tested from 100,000 or more to less than 100. Spektron plans to use its platform to establish a diversified discovery pipeline across multiple disease areas. Current drug programs focus on Central Nervous System disorders as well as anti-infectives.